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January 2012 boss not boss wallpaper

3 January 2012 Wallpapers!

This month our new contributor, Ana, gets into the wallpaper mix along with Selena and me. Having a BossnotBoss wallpaper fresh off the press has been proven to bring luck and happiness to you for the rest of the month

2011 was pretty BOSS due mostly to the rebirth of BossnotBoss and the awesome launch party that went with it. I’m sure there were a few other things that happened this year, but BnB rising like a Phoenix is the only event worth remembering and making a commemorative plate for (please let us know if you make a BnB plate because I’m trying to get this thing made and the plate factory won’t return my calls).

Ana Nelson’s wallpaper:

Christopher Martin’s wallpaper:
Christopher Martin boss not boss january 2012 wallpaper

Selena Goodwin’s wallpaper:
selena goodwins 2012 boss not boss january wallpaper


3 December Wallpapers!

This month Selena and I got a little help from our friends, Aaron Bloom and Chelsey Scheffe who were nice enough to take the time to make a wallpaper for y’all! They are also graphic designers and you should fall in love with them right now

*with Aaron’s you change your icons into ornaments and decorate the tree :)

Aaron Bloom’s wallpaper:
Aaron Bloom's December wallpaper for boss not boss

Chelsey Scheffe’s wallpaper:
Christopher Martin's December wallpaper for boss not boss

Christopher Martin’s wallpaper:
Christopher Martin's December wallpaper for boss not boss


November 2011 Wallpaper

Sorry this is a week late guys! As you can tell, we’ve been super busy at Bossnotboss and some things have been put to the wayside :( But not today! Hope you enjoy this one; it was inspired by fall leaves and rosy colors. Don’t forget to get your daily dose of hot chocolate and warm socks :D



2 October Wallpapers From Us to You!

Selena and I have made two sweet wallpapers for you to love and throw on all your devices :)    (so long as the devices that you get along with are desktop comps, iphone or ipad).

Grab my design in these resolutions:


Or Selena’s design in these resolutions:


I hope yall had an amazing September, and here’s to an even better, more brain shakin’ October >clink<


2 September Wallpapers :)

You’re extra lucky cuz we’ve designed two wallpapers for you this month! One is by me, Chris, and the other by Selena.

Mouse over the desktop for the desktop resolutions

Or tap on the iphone with the wallpaper you want.

Hope y’all had a great August and here’s to having the most delicious September that anyone could ever ask for.

Screen shot 2011-07-31 at 2.00.42 PM

BNB’s August Wallpaper

Alright guys here’s the new wallpaper for the last month of summer. Get some more sun while you can and take a shot or two or three for BossnotBoss!

Click here to download. (Sizes for most common resolutions and iPad and iPhone.)


July 2011 Wallpapers

I thought it was a good idea for Chris and me to both design a monthly wallpaper for you guys. If you don’t like one design, then maybe you’ll like the other. Or, you could switch out halfway through the month! :)

*sizes for all resolutions including iPad & iPhone




June 2011 Wallpaper!

Here’s the new wallpaper! Even though it’s stiiiiiill raining in Seattle, we’re feeling a little summery :)

*sizes for all including iPad & iPhone


BnB Wallpapers!

Merry May and happy Cinco de Mayo! Well, almost. So we here at BossnotBoss are going to be giving out free wallpapers to anyone who wants one each month. We just want to put a little sparkle into each of the twelve named periods into which a year is divided for you guys. It’s also a little thank you for reading BnB. So, thank you!

Click here to download May’s new wallpaper. Soon in the future, the wallpapers will not be posts, but they will be available (with other fun things) in our new “shop”. You’ll hear more about that later…