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Fresh January 2013 Wallpapers

The very first wallpapers of the year always smell the nicest and this batch is no different :)

Last month was a little crazy for Selena and me; she got hired as a design for Nordstrom, and I got offered des/dev jobs from NBC and Microsoft (went with Microsoft after a soul searching montage), but we made sure to make time to build a couple sweet sweet wallpapers for you! Here they are, fresh out of the oven.

Did you guys make any resolutions? If you’re smart you didn’t, because you know the secret to happiness is low low expectations. I guess that’s why I’m so happy dating Selena*

*I actually have very high expectations of her and she does not disappoint.

Christopher L Martin’s wallpaper:
Christopher Martin boss not boss wallpaper for December
2880×18002560×14401920×12001680×10501440×9001280×800iPadiPhoneiPhone 5
Selena Goodwin’s wallpaper:
Selena Goodwin boss not boss wallpaper for January
2880×18002560×14401920×12001680×10501440×9001280×800iPadiPhoneiPhone 5

Brad Vetter

Last week I was lucky enough to sit in on a talk by Jim Sherraden, the manager and artist at Hatch Show Print out of Tennessee! It was so inspiring hearing him talk about preserving the old methods of printing, I had to do a post.

The main designer at Hatch is Brad Vetter (son of a bitch) who has been lucky enough to work at their shop for the last 9 years, I think. He’s created some pretty amazing posters, either using the hundreds of thousands of wood type blocks they have or carving his own illustrations. Working there so long, he’s gotten to do a lot of experimentation and come up with some amazing designs for great bands. I especially love when he uses solid wood blocks in different shapes to create background textures or graphical elements in the design.

Brad’s also done work for Anthropologie’s catalog! I actually kept mine because the design was so rad.


December Wallpapers!

This month Selena and I hit you with a double shot of wallpaper greatness!

Dress your screens and make your friends jealous this month :)

Christopher L Martin’s wallpaper:
Christopher Martin boss not boss wallpaper for December
2880×18002560×14401920×12001680×10501440×9001280×800iPadiPhoneiPhone 5
Selena Goodwin’s wallpaper:
Selena Goodwin boss not boss wallpaper for December
2880×18002560×14401920×12001680×10501440×9001280×800iPadiPhoneiPhone 5

Low Poly Wanna Cracker

If you follow me (literally) then you (Selena) know that I’ve been obsessed on low-poly 3D. I’ve been playing with it for a few weeks now and I can’t get enough of it. A ‘poly’ is a polygon which is one surface of an object and the lower number of polygons an object has, the more rigid it looks.

I know it’s trendy and I usually don’t praise what’s already trending about the place, but I can’t seem to shake this sort of lowpoly puppy-love.

Some of these are just abstract 3D things, which is way overplayed and needs to be put to bed already(!), but I love the landscapes. The images with more elements working together.

I’ve been making little models and scenes which I plan to post about soon, but for now, check out these sweet sweet gems :)


NASA 1970s Space Colony Artwork

I caught wind of this collection of slick artwork for potential space colonies and some of these are just blowing my mind. These pictures show views of three different colony designs respectively: Toroidal Colonies (pop: 10,000), Cylindrical Colonies(pop: 1,000,000+), and Bernal Spheres(pop: 10,000) (pictured respectively).

If we actually managed to put ourselves in an orbiting terrarium with G-force gravity and faux atmospher, I’d be curious to see how we’d evolve to better adapt (if we were even there long enough to have a notable evolution like if we ruined Earth’s atmosphere and were stuck in our orbiting zoo exhibit). Would there be weather (there’re clouds in one of the cylindrical colony renders)? Rain for crops? Would we need crops or would we have just-add-water pills? I like the notion that we’d really need to make the most of what we got, so we’d all have to recycle like a mother fucker, but what other aspects of our living standards would have to change?

These environments look like a perfect holiday getaway, but perfect is always so boring. Would NASA think to implement a desert wasteland for post-Earth maraders to reign? Oceans that release random gas pockets to kindly swallow ships down to a velvet black solitude? What about war? Gun control? It would be hard enough to protect us from all the radiation and flying* junk outside, but what about protecting us from the people inside?

These colonies are for expanding and not to be like Earth life boats, but at some point we’ll have to leave our planet because war that some asshole started because he couldn’t get into art school has ruined it, or we’ve used up resources, or the sun’s gotten too damn big, or another one of many events has occurred (assuming we survive to any of these points).  So would you consider starting a new life on one of these?

*I know things don’t ‘fly’ in space, but you know what I mean :) “No snow on the space colony? Dat don’t fly wit me. Maybe on Earth, but out ‘ere in space? dat just don’t fly.”

untitled (1 of 9)

New Screen Print! Stacey’s Dragon

Our friend, Stacey, has a birthday coming up and I made her a print! It’s a 19×25″ 2-color screen print on 100lb stock—you know it’s French Paper!

‘S’ for ‘Stacey’ seemed simple enough. The dragon’s an Illustration I did with micron, blown up to fit on the poster and I made the type by using a micron to write as tiny as i could, then blowing it up real big like.

I printed a few of just the dragon and a few with the “This city is just too small for you” type (a quote from the book, Mad Science Institute). And now they’re added to our wall of prints making our studio space look awesome!

This was tons of fun to print. We had a few of our friends chill at the studio and we had a healthy amount of vodka flowing around. Once they saw how dope screen printing is, I let them all do a few pulls—everybody remembers their first pull. Next time you’re in Seattle, come print with us. Just be sure to bring lots of sweet sweet hard liquor :)


Early Space Race Photos

This month there are 4,500+ rare photographs from the early days of space exploration going up for grabs and down for keeps via auction. They were gathered, over time, by a Europian collector who, I like to imagine, is an extreme hoarder, but instead of stacks of newspapers, his flat is overrun with stacks of amazing old photographs and he/she is selling them out of fear of falling victim of an amazing old photograph avalanch, and spending his/her final moments buried in irony that the passion of collecting amazing photos and making stacks of them has turned against it’s maker. (it would be more funny if they were amazing photographs of avalanches though)

If you lay with me when I go to bed, you know, before I catch Zs, I can easily spend an hour or two combing through science blogs and things of the like. When I came across these pics, my eyes widened like a puppy’s and checked my funds to see if I could swing the estimated $500,000 – $950,000 that these would auction for…. no dice.

How could you not be inspired by the early stages of something monumental? That time of making tons of mistakes and just trying new things because who cares. Makes me feel better when I make mistakes to know I’m still working towards something amazing :)


Fref To Desh November Wallpaper!!

The greatly anticipated November wallpaper is here at last! Best of all: I made it, just for you :) Dress up your retina displays, and finish off that candy hangover with a little hair of the dog in style.

Hope you guys had an amazing October, and here’s to an even better November!

Christopher Martin’s wallpaper:
Christopher Martin boss not boss wallpaper for November
2880×18002560×14401920×12001680×10501440×9001280×800iPadiPhoneiPhone 5
untitled (10 of 14)

Screen Print: Sorry For Your Moss

As mentioned in this post, our boy, Bloomstar, had the genious idea to just print whatever we wanted to get our print process down. So I did a drawing based off of this Kate Moss pic.

She’s a four color, ~9x~10 print on French Paper, 100lb stock, in a run of 19. I did the separations with pencil and once I had the transparencies printed, I locked up in the studio for 8hrs tearing down stock, burning the screen, mixing the ink, and printing. Selena and Bloomstar came around to help out (thank you), and Selena took most of these pics :)

Say you want one in the comments and we’ll get a hold of you.


Pentagram’s World Chess Branding

FINALLY some design that makes me feel all giddy inside (of course its from Pentagram). I feel like it’s been a million years since I saw a logo and fell in love with it. Do you see that thing!?! It’s like you’ve been at some hipster tavern waiting for your friend who’s an hour late, and just as you think you can’t take being there any longer, a beautiful woman walks in (or man, but I doubt Ed Westwick would find himself among Papst urchins) and you remember that there are good people in the world who go beyond putting an object in place of a letter or simply fill in counters. Then there’s more.

Pentagram was tasked with designing an identity to restore the reputation of the World Chess Championship, as well as catch the attention of young challengers in the game of strategy and foresight. Well they grabbed my attention in a dark alley, and mugged me with thought-out, solid application of the new brand. Do you see those score cards? Those posters? The logo mark in the wood??

If there’s some other great branding that you think I’ve missed, let me know in the comments :)